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Minimum Purchase Quantity
Shopping Bag 1000pcs
Backpack. Briefcase 600pcs
Woven Bag 5000pcs
Drawstring Bag 1500pcs
PP. PVC Handbag 2000pcs
#Amount of Special Specifications or Large Boxes need to be negotiated
Order Rules /
Customer provide the Measurement, Specific, Material choices, Printing Drawing, Purchase Quantity, Lead Time and Delivery Address, also other Information if needs.
Valuation->Order->Sample Confirmation->Mass Production->Delivery
Time for prepare Goods (Lead Time)/
35-40 (working) Days after sample has been confirmed
【Upload File】

Please named the File with “Company Name”
Please use Compressed File if there’s more than one file need to be uploaded

 Google Drive
- Order -
Minimum purchase Quantity
Shopping Bags 50pcs / Other Bags 10pcs (Online Order)
Order Rules
Select Style->Confirm the Storage by Phone Call ->Order and Remit->Delivery
  • 10pcs Market Price : 20% Off
  • Until 10pcs : 10% Off
  • Until 50pcs : 25% Off
  • Until 100pcs : 40% Off
  • Until 200pcs : 45% Off
  • Until 300pcs : 50% Off
  • Until 500pcs : 58% Off
  • Up 500pcs : 60% Off
Product on Sale are with discounted price, it will not having Discount again
No Extra Delivery Fee if Purchase Amount over 3000NTD ; if not, Delivery Fee needs to be add, 120NTD each Carton.
Printing for In Stock Product
We offer the Printing for In Stock Product
Price for printing plate : 1000NTD / Color
Price for printing plate : 1000NTD / Color
Price for printing In Stock Product : additional 12NTD / Color (only smaller than 10x10cm) (According to the Printing Factory Based)
Time for prepare Goods
Without Printing : 3 Days after the payment is confirmed
With Printing : around 7-10 Days
Attention : The Quantity of In Stock Product will be changed base on Daily Purchase Order Quantity. The Order will be produced first after the Payment is confirmed.
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